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Top 10 Rated Web Hosting Services
Rank Hosting Provider $/mth Storage Bandwidth Domain Our Comments
1 $7.95 600GB
6000GB $15/yr 45 Day refund period. Trusted brand by even Fortune 500 companies. Free website builder with 4,500 templates. Suitable for blog and business sites.
Review - Visit Hostgator
2 $8.95 Unlimited
Unlimited Free Free 8 Dedicated IP. Suitable for blog, high traffic interactive websites.
Free site builder. Database Support.
Review - Visit IXwebhosting
3 $7.95 Unlimited
Unlimited Free
Suitable for your blog, ecommerce websites. Host your additional domains with Bluehost for free. Superb and responsive Sales/Support.
Review - Visit Bluehost
4 $3.88 Unlimited
Unlimited Free FrontPage/Dreamweaver ready. 40+ free application including Wordpress, PhpBB, Mediapedia, Joomia.
Review - Visit PowWeb
5 $6.95 Unlimited
Unlimited Free Free Domain Privacy. Free professional consulting on e-commerce setup, free search engine listing, free website evaluation.
Review - Visit WebhostingPad
6 $4.95 1500GB
15000GB Free Flexible site- and store- builders. Tons of tools, scripts and quotas for professional and beginner.
Review - Visit iPowerWeb
7 $7.96 350GB
3500GB $10/yr All common scripting and database platforms are fully supported. Best windows hosting.
Review - Visit EasyCGI
8 $6.95 10GB
500GB $15.45/yr 24/7 e-mail support. Free pre-populated application scripts. Host 50 sites on 1 account.
Review - Visit Dotster
9 $6.99 1000GB
Unlimited $20/yr RAID protected storage space. Redundant power backup. 24/7 live technical support.
Review - Visit HostRocket
10 $6.95 500GB
5000GB Free 24/7 phone/e-mail support. Free transfer from other hosts. Host 20 sites on 1 account.
Review - Visit Anhosting

Note: The monthly fee stated above is based on a prepaid 1 year plan.

Troubled with choosing the right hosting company? You should because there are several thousands of cheap web hosting services in the industry. Hence finding a good host is not only difficult, but very time consuming.

To assist you, we have reviewed hundreds of cheap hosting companies and listed here are the TOP 10 high quality and cheap web hosting providers that'll save you days to do the research.  

Sign up for any plans from any web hosts listed on and enjoy DOUBLE protection.
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Before you consider signing up for any web hosting plan....
Avoid web hosts which don't respond to your requests within 1 day
Your web host should be reached easily via phone, live chat, email and even forum and respond to you in the quickest time possible. Try contact Hostgator and IXwebhosting via their live chat or phone and you'll know they are always there to help you anytime!
Avoid web hosts using out-dated infrastructure
Your business is above everything. Your website should be hosted in a sound condition. Hostgator owns 4 datacenter totaled 223,500 sq. ft. Your site is connected via a fully meshed and redundant Certified Cisco Network featuring 10 backbone providers.
Avoid free web hosting
You get very limited features and you won't get support if something bad happens. All the web hosting services listed here are NOT free web hosting. With less than $10/mth, you get to enjoy top quality service.
Avoid web hosts that are financially unsound
Look for the amount of their existing customers. They MUST also need to offer money back guarantee. IXwebhosting hosts 350,000 and offer ANYTIME money back guarantee.
Avoid reseller web hosting
Reseller doesn't have control over the datacenter so whenever the infrastructure needs upgrade to ensure the best performance, reseller can do nothing. All the web hosting services listed here are NOT reseller. In terms of infrastructure, we think Hostgator is one of the best.
Avoid web hosts which are incorporated for less than 2 year
You don't want to sign up a 1-year plan only to find out they wind up business 9 months later. Bluehost first established in 1996 and has garnered several awards for outstanding performance and customer service .

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